We stand ready to lift you up in prayer.  Life is always changing, and things can happen that you want our staff to know, or for anyone who comes to this page to be able to pray about with you.  Just complete the form below and we will begin praying.

Current PRayer list

Here is the current list of prayer requests. Please take a moment to pray.


Please pray for Rick and Renee Kemp. They both have been recently diagnosed with COVID. Renee is high risk due to having Myasthenia Gravis


Salvation for my husband Eric. May God soften his heart to Have a deep love and personal relationship with Jesus. May he be delivered by any bitterness and darkness. That he will give his life to Christ and be baptized in the Holy Spirit.


Lincoln is 4 yrs old and was involved in a vehicle accident. Tests have cleared him of spinal damage but he has 2 pelvic fractures and is in a wheel chair for 6 six weeks before he will be able to stand or walk. Please pray for a complete healing for little Lincoln.


Baby Emelia- 3 months old - tumor on kidney


please pray to the Lord to help me with financial prosperity and bind and rebuke all the evil actions of my Hindu family in Jesus name amen