What Had Happened was....

A Little Background Story

Riddles Bend Baptist became a church in 1919. "Union Chapel" Baptist, as it was called then, was home to many of the families in the Riddles Bend Community.  

Through the years, the community changed. With the creation of the Neely Henry Lake on the Coosa River, people began to build on lake lots and the community began to grow. 

Today, Riddles Bend Baptist Church is a multigenerational church, made up of descendants of charter members, many families from the community who have moved in over the years, and those who drive from other communities because they have found a home here. 

What to Expect

Attending for the First time?

You will find genuinely friendly people, blended worship, and God honoring, Bible-centered messages that point people to Christ and apply to life today.  You will be welcomed, encouraged, challenged, and convicted. We believe you will find a place to belong!